Lamp Riders

augusta hill

Lamp Riders

Augusta Hill

Raised in a crumbling desert town filled with scorpions and tumbleweeds, Celia has learned to keep a safe distance from outsiders. However, when a crew of devastatingly handsome bikers – led by the dashing Abdul – rolls into town, Celia has no choice but to get her hands dirty. Charming, suave and cocky, Abdul hurls excitement and trouble right to Celia’s feet no matter how hard she tries to stay aloof.   Before Celia knows it, she is sucked into a whirlwind of adventure. Soon she is helping the motorcycle gang battle a cruel cartel leader, trying to stop the madman from getting his hands on an inhuman power. A saloon shoot out, a handsome genie, and a high noon showdown threaten to destroy Celia’s complacency for good!

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