Despite the Gentleman’s Riches


Despite the Gentleman’s Riches

Aimee Easterling

Ginny and Jack go together like bean sprouts and French fries.  Ever since her parents died in a car wreck while she was a tween, Ginny has yearned to be part of a family. Years later, she joins a nonprofit that is struggling to save her community from a polluting power plant, and in the process the young woman finally discovers like-minded souls.  But when an unbearably handsome power-plant executive comes to town, Ginny’s simple world is tilted on its axis. With an effort, she’s able to ignore Jack’s good looks, but she has a harder time steering clear of his anguished younger sister, whose pain puts all of Ginny’s nurturing instincts on high alert.  As the young woman hovers on the cusp between two new families, she realizes that she can’t have it all. But will Ginny be able to choose between her nonprofit buddies and the enticing businessman without losing her heart?


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