Owned By The Alphas – Boxed Set

owned by alphas

Owned By The Alphas – Boxed Set

Faleena Hopkins

Parts 1-5 are included in this boxed set!  One curvy human female… Two supernatural alpha beasts… They both want her, and neither likes to share.

Ali’s broken up with yet another wishy-washy guy, and her career path is non-existent. She longs for a life different from the one society shoves down her throat. Escaping the city for a solo hike in Yosemite National Park, she finds more than she was looking for. She finds magic.

Calt’s a new pack master and the title has come with pain, the death of his father. When he finds Ali, in order to save her from his rival pack, he does the thing he must never do: show her that werewolves are very, very real.
Red can’t believe his eyes when he discovers that his crush from childhood – when he was merely human – has somehow appeared out of nowhere as though from a dream. Only problem is, Calt found her first. Obsessed with the need to own her, Red must get her alone to convince her that he is the alpha she should choose, and not his rival. But with both packs already at odds, how…without starting a war?
Novellas Part 1-5 of this paranormal romance are included. There are no cliffhanger. This is an erotic romance, for readers 18+ only.
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