Between Her Bosses – The Complete Series

Between Her Bosses

Between Her Bosses – The Complete Series

Sadie Black

The popular Between Her Bosses series is available for purchase in one box set! Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are available to borrow with Kindle Unlimited.

Between Her Bosses Part 1: Indulgence

“Well then, you’ll just have to choose… right now.”

In the blink of an eye, the flash of a smile, a 40 second phone call, absolutely everything can change.

When Kadeesha lands the career of her dreams she decides to follow her good fortune wherever it takes her. With Mr. Lawson’s charming dimples and dazzling blue eyes, she’s hooked from the moment they meet. She didn’t realize that the billionaire CEO, Mr. Hollingsworth, would be equally enticing with his dark, handsome features and brooding nature.

Caught in a love triangle between two bosses, two lovers, how long will Kadeesha be able to toy with both men before they find out? Will she still be interested if they decide that they both want to play her game with her, at the same time?

Between Her Bosses Part 2: Fractured

“I know, Kadeesha, I saw you two together.”

Kadeesha’s life couldn’t be more amazing with a high paying job and two gorgeous bosses worshiping her every night. Everything in their three person arrangement was going perfectly. That is, until Chuck insisted that Kadeesha meet with him and only him for a date.

What will Kadeesha do when her sexy billionaire menage becomes a messy love triangle? When faced with a choice between two perfect men, can Kadeesha make a decision that her heart and head will both agree on?

Between Her Bosses Part 3: Obsession

“I’m a powerful man, Kadeesha, and I always get what I want.”

Kadeesha’s life is in freefall. When video footage of her billionaire lovers fighting over her is leaked to the news, she’s forced to choose between them or walk away from it all. In the exciting conclusion of the Between Her Bosses series, Obsession takes us on a roller coaster ride with Kadeesha.

Will she choose to run away with Charles or marry Jacob? Does she decide to walk away and leave both billionaires behind? And if she does, will they let her go?

Author’s Note: This story contains steamy scenes of sizzling sex, it is intended for 18+ mature audiences only.

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