Is there another crackdown on erotica brewing?

Is there another crackdown on erotica brewing?

Rumors are spreading like wildfire in the erotica writing community that ebook selling stores like Nook (Barnes & Noble) and distributors such as D2D (Draft2Digital) are banning accounts that contain what is known as Extreme Erotica.

PI, BI, and Beasty books plus non-consent, mind control, dubious consent – are typically the types of books considered extreme vs. vanilla.

PI (pseudo in$%st) has fallen out of favor as a way to make money for most writers, because the real deal, (BI – aka blood in$%st) has been available in all it’s glory on NOOK and selling well for quite a while now.

But, if B&N is looking to up their game as a distributor and wants to clean up their act, then there might be some truth to this rumor.

For now, heads up – if you have ultra-smut stories at Nook or D2D… you might want to consider if you should unpublish or delist some of your stories to avoid the ban-hammer.

  • the days of US on B&N are ending, well at least from multiple stories, authors who have published US are being sought out, notified, and then instantly banned… you’ve been warned.

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