Kisses From My Stepbrother

Kisses from My Stepbrother

Kisses From My Stepbrother

Tiffany Madison

“I don’t care what anybody else would think about this, Steven. Just take me right now…”
My ordinary life as a young woman changed drastically when my mom got remarried. Things got complicated quickly and the entire dynamics of our family got turned upside down when William and his son, Steven, moved into our home.

Steven was fifteen years older than me. He was gorgeous, muscular and rich. As a successful entrepreneur, Steven had no need to live under our roof, but had decided to do so in an effort to really get to know his new family.

But even though society said that it was wrong to lust after my step brother, I find myself unable to control my urges. And it isn’t long before both Steven and I step over the lines of what most people would consider to be “acceptable behavior”.

Can our love for one another be fully expressed or will it have to forever remain a secret?

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