Billionaire Stepbrother: Autumn

Billionaire Stepbrother Autumn

Billionaire Stepbrother: Autumn

Emilia Beaumont

As the weather turns, so does Lex’s mood

He won’t leave me; it was all just a silly game. Please let it all be a game…
Aimee finally has what she wants; Lex all to herself, or so it seems. And her dreams of spending another secret season with her forbidden love are about to come crashing down.Left broken and miserable, Aimee fights to understand Lex’s true motives; is he genuinely cruel and wants nothing more to do with her or is he merely misunderstood?Can Aimee repair their shattered and fragile relationship? Or, for her own sanity, should she wisely heed the advice given and stay far away from Alexandre Chamberlin?

“I want him so badly, and yet every impulse is telling me to run, to side step him and get the hell out.” Author’s Note: This is the sequel to Billionaire Stepbrother (Summer). It is a short, dark romance, story which contains graphic sexual content and harsh language, which may make some readers uncomfortable. Intended for mature readers age 18+
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